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GeoEng Surveys are highly experienced in utility detection, mapping & GPR surveys

At GeoEng Surveys we provide our customers with a complete solution for utility mapping & detection, we can source all known utility providers plans prior to any site work, we then carry out the utility mapping survey deploying the latest sub-surface technologies, so there’s less need to use intrusive methods. The Electro Magnetic Locating (EML) is used to locate and map underground buried metallic services, whilst Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a particularly cost-effective and fast method of getting real-time information about non-metallic services & underground storage tanks. At the same time we can also undertake a full topographic survey of the site, producing a highly accurate survey plan.

Utility Mapping

Utilitty Mapping Survey at Geoeng Surveys

GPR Surveys

GPR Surveys at Geoeng Surveys

Topo Surveys

Topographical Surveys at Geoeng Surveys

Utility detection & mapping Surveys | Geoeng Surveys

As part of the survey we trace routes and depths of metallic, clay and plastic services using our utility mapping equipment. Our GPR systems (Mala HDR Pro and Detector Duo) can ascertain routes and depths of utility services including; PE or PVC Gas Mains water pipe, ducts and Services. All our operatives are fully trained in the use of their equipment; all are accredited to the following, CSCS, SPA, PTS, BESC, National Grid Persons, QCF level 3 & 5 Utility Surveying & Mapping, First Aid.

Our Client and Sectors
We have experience across a broad spectrum of sectors including rail, road, utility and petrol forecourts.

Full National Coverage
Geoeng Surveys is based in Gloucester we have undertaken surveys all over the UK.

A summary of the services GeoEng Surveys can provide is detailed below:

Underground Utility Mapping Surveys
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys
Topographical Surveys
CCTV Drainage Surveys
On-Site Utility Mark Out
Utility Record Searches to PAS 128
Borehole Clearance
Underground storage tank location
Specialist GPR Surveys
Vacuum Excavation

Survey results can be issued in AutoCAD 2D or 3D when requested.






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GeoEng Surveys gets straight to the point & does such a thorough job on site that you have confidence in his results.

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